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Hair Trim Women - $25.00
Trim only - Women

Hair Cut - $30.00
Cut only - Women

Shampoo & Condition - $35.00
Shampoo and condition-Only

Protien Conditioner - $40.00
Shampoo hair and condition with 100% protein under dryer 30 Min. Style not included

Shampoo Set - $45.00 & up
Includes shampoo and cond hair. Set with roller under the dryer. Comb out and style.

Shampoo Blow-Dry - $55.00 & up
Includes shampoo and cond hair blow dry and style. (Long hair extra)

Shampoo-Body Wrap - $50.00 & up
Includes shampoo and set hair on jumbo rollers dry hair and rewrap under dryer 10-15 minutes comb out and style.

Flat iron - $55.00 & up
Includes shampoo and cond, blow dry and flat iron. (Long hair extra)

Virgin Relaxer - $95.00 & up
Relax hair from a virgin state. Shampoo cond and style included. (Long hair extra)

Relaxer Retouch - $75.00 & up
Includes shampoo and condition and style. (Long hair extra)

Relaxer-Partial - $30.00
Includes relax, hairline and nape only.

Press and Curl - $75.00 & up
Includes shampoo the hair press and style. (Long hair extra)

Color-Permanent - 65.00 & up
Application of color only. Style not included. (Long hair extra)

Color-Cellophane - $50.00 & up
Application of color only. Style not included. (Long hair extra)

Color- Rinse - $50.00 & up
Semi-perm Color application only. Style not included.

Color-Hairline - $30.00
Color application on hairline only

Color Highlights - $80.00 & up
Color application only entire head. Style not included.

Color-Corrective - To be determined
Correction of incorrect color application color.

Wave Nouveau-Body Perm - $135.00 & up
includes shampoo and presoften and rod hair and neutralize comb out cut and style. (long hair extra)

Straw Set - $95.00 & up
Includes shampoo and condition hair rolled in straws and styled. (Long hair extra)

Color-Cellophane - $50.00 & up
Color application only.Style not included

Spiral Set - $75.00 & up
Includes shampoo and cond. hair set in a spiral position dry and style. (Long hair extra)

PonyTail - $65.00
Includes shampoo and cond. Put on pony tail hair not included.

UpDo's - $75.00 & up
Which includes shampoo & blow-dry or set. (Long hair extra)

Corn Rows - $65.00 & up
Basic cornrow style. (Long hair extra)

Corn Rows-Partial - $50.00
Top half of hair.

Cornrows Braids with Extension - $80.00 & up
cornrows with added hair.

Braids Remove - $50.00 & up
Take down braids only

Weave Consultation - $35.00
Thirty minutes weave consultation. Explaining hair type, texture, color, length, etc.

Hair Weave - $50.00 per track
$50.00 per Track- a Track is defined as 10-12 inches. From ear to ear. Hair not included

Weave Bond - $30.00 per track
Hair bonded in with bonding glue. Hair not included.

Men's Hair Cut - $20.00
Adult Men's Hair Cut (Speciality hair cut extra [Fade, taper, etc.])

Japanese Straightner - $400.00 & up

Change up - $95.00
Change up non-chemical softner. Which is design to soften the hair. Change up is an alternative to the chemical relaxer when growing out of relaxer and need something that is not strong. Leaving the hair with body.

Hair Cut
Hair cut only

Flat Iron
Long hair

Singles (small, medium, large) $150 & up
Individual braids with synthetic or human hair added. Price depends on size

Cornrows With Designs

RETWIST locks SHAMPOO NOT INCLUDED (Shampoo is $7.00 Extra)

Ouick weave
Bonded cap weave. Cut included